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Thursday 19 April 2018

09.00-09.15Official Opening
Juan Sierra Madero, Mexico City, Mexico and Mauro Schechter, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

09.15-10.45Role of Integrase Inhibitors in LATAM: Are We Ready for First Line?
Co-chairs: Juan Sierra Madero and Mauro Schechter

09.15-09.30Current role of integrase inhibitors in Latin American guidelines
Ernesto Martinez Buitrago, Santiago de Cali, Colombia

09.30-09.55Observational studies with integrase inhibitors and experience with
first-line use in Brazil

Ricardo Diaz, São Paulo, Brazil

09.55-10.15The public health response to rising pre-treatment HIV drug
resistance levels in Latin America: the case of Mexico

Santiago Avila-Rios, Mexico City, Mexico



11.00-12.00Keynote Lectures
Co-chairs: Anton Pozniak, London, UK and Monica Thormann, Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic

11.00-11.30What is needed to end HIV/AIDS?
Demetre Daskalakis, New York, USA

11.30-12.00What we mean in our region by ending AIDS?
Jean W Pape, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

12.00-13.30TB Diagnosis and Treatment: An Update for the Region
Co-chairs: Massimo Ghidinelli, Washington DC, USA and Marcelo Losso, Buenos Aires,

12.00-12.20New methods for TB diagnosis
Rafael López, Washington DC, USA

12.20-12.40Treatment for drug-resistant TB
Anton Pozniak, London, UK

12.40-12.55First-hand experience from Brazil: lessons learned
Ezio Távora Dos Santos-Filho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

12.55-13.10Submitted abstract


13.30-14.45Scientific Posters and Lunch

14.45-1545Keynote Lectures
Co-chairs: Pedro Cahn, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Patricia Volkow, Mexico City,

14.45-15.15The microbiome in HIV infection
Sandra Pinto-Cardoso, Mexico City, Mexico

15.15-15.45Early treatment of HIV in infants
Karin A Nielsen, Los Angeles, USA

15.45-16.40Women with HIV in Latin America
Co-chairs: Pedro Cahn and Patricia Volkow

15.45-16.05Diagnosis and treatment of HIV positive women with comorbidities
Monica Mantilla Suárez, Bogota, Colombia

16.05-16.25ARV safety in pregnancy
Vanessa Rouzier, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

16.25-16.40HIV-infected pregnant adolescents are an extremely vulnerable population:
a cohort study of PMTCT outcomes
Marie M Deschamps, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


17.00-18.30Gilead Sciences Satellite Symposium 

18.30-19.15Welcome Reception and Posters

Friday 20 April 2018

09.00-10.30Merck Sharp & Dohme Satellite Symposium


10.45-11.15Keynote Lecture
Co-chairs: Ernesto Martínez Buitrago and Ian Weller, London, UK

10.45-11.15Update on PEP and on its role in the era of PrEP
Dawn Smith, Atlanta, USA

11.15-11.55HIV and Vulnerable Populations
Co-chairs: Ernesto Martínez Buitrago and Ian Weller

Benjamim Braga, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Daisy Machado, São Paulo, Brazil

11.55-13.00  Scientific Posters and Lunch

13.00-15.00Hepatitis C. New Drugs and What Can We Learn from HIV?
Co-chairs: Mario Pessoa, São Paulo, Brazil, and Alicia Piñeirúa, Mexico City

13.00-13.20New HCV drugs in the region
Mark Nelson, London, UK

13.20-13.40Home/self-testing: how in HIV? When and to whom?
Omar Sued, Buenos Aires, Argentina

13.40-14.00Translating lessons from HIV to hepatitis C
Jorge Santana, San Juan, Puerto Rico

14.00-14.15   Submitted abstract

14.15-14.30   Submitted abstract


15.00-15.30    Coffee

15.30-15.45   Submitted Abstract
Chair: Roy M Gulick

15.30-15.45   Switch to bictegravir/F/TAT from DTG and ABC/3TC
Monica Mora, Foster City CA, USA

15.45-17.00State of the ART
Co Chairs: Carlos J Beltran, Santiago, Chile and Roy Gulick 

15.45-16.05Dual therapy
Pedro Cahn, Buenos Aires, Argentina

16.05-16.35HIV and new drugs
Daniel Kuritzkes, Boston, USA


17.00-17.15Submitted Abstract and CROI Review
Chair: Ricardo Sobhie Diaz

17.00-17.15Transmitted drug resistance trends in individuals with recent infection in
the Mesoamerican Region
Daniela Tapia-Trejo, Mexico City, Mexico

17.15-17.45CROI 2018: What’s New?
Luis Soto-Ramirez, Mexico City, Mexico

1745-1800  Coffee

18.00-19.00Gilead Sciences Satellite Symposium

19.00-19.45Reception and Posters

Saturday 21 April 2018

09.00-10.30Challenging Cases in HIV:Interactive Case Study Session
In collaboration with International Antiviral Society-USA (IAS-USA)
Moderator: Roy Gulick

09.00-09.30What to start?
Brenda Crabtree-Ramirez, Mexico City, Mexico

09.30-10.00Treatment Failure
Carlos J Beltran, Santiago, Chile

Kenneth Mayer, Boston, USA


10.45-12.15Perspectives in Public Health “Old STIs – New Challenges”
In collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

10.45-11.05Historic perspectives and public health significance of syphilis and other
STIs(gonococcal infection and non-gonococcal urethritis)

Massimo Ghidinelli and Maeve B Mello, Washinton DC, USA

11.05-11.20Syphilis amongst key populations
Mary Kamb, Atlanta, USA

11.20-11.35Innovation: Community based STI clinic and interventions in San Francisco
Jeffrey Klausner, San Francisco, USA

11.35-11.50  Outcomes of HIV and syphilis infection amoung pregnant women in Haiti
Marie M. Deschamps, Port-au-Prince, Haiti



12.30-14.15Update on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis(PrEP)
In collaboration with the International AIDS Society (IAS)

12.30-12.50PrEP: prom clinical trials to implementation
Kenneth Mayer, Boston, USA

12.50-13.10HIV prevention: PrEP situation in Latin American countries
Giovanni Ravasi, Washington DC, USA

13.10-13.30PrEP of HIV in Mexico: adding colour to the prevention palette
Hugo Lopez-Gatell, Mexico City, Mexico


14.15-14.30Conference Close