2019 Abstracts and Posters

All accepted abstracts for HIV & Hepatitis in the Americas 2019 have been published on-line as a supplement to the Journal of the International AIDS Society (JIAS). To access the supplement and view the abstracts please click here

To view the accepted Scientific Posters presented at the 2019 Congress in Bogotá, Colombia please click on the poster number below to link to the Poster. As we received more PDFs of posters these will be added to this site.

Co-Morbidities and Complications of Disease, Non-AIDS Morbidity and Cancers

P002Clinical characteristics of HIV positive patients with lymphoma in a third level hospital in
Mexico City
Cárdenas-Ortega, A*; Rivera-Buendía, F; Ramirez-Ibrarguen, A; Martin-Onraët, A (Mexico City, Mexico)

P003Persistent low level plasma HIV RNA in HIV-infected patients previously virologically suppressed on antiretroviral therapy in a Colombian cohort: a retrospective observational study
Herrera-Díaz, C*; Maldonado-Lara, E; Sánchez, A; Ruíz, E; Díaz-Caicedo, D; Angelica, C; Hernández, D; Jimenez, A; Carranza, F; Chaparro, Y (Bogotá, Colombia)

P004AIDS-related death in Uruguay: high proportion in patients not retained in HIV care
Cabrera, S; Pérez, D; Meré, J; Frantchez, V; Iglesias, C; Cabeza, E* (Montevideo, Uruguay)

P006Stable housing is critical to linkage of newly HIV diagnosed patients to medical care
Murphy, D*; Aguilera, E; Del Bianco, G; Rodriguez, G; Murphy, J; Heresi, G; Prater, S (Houston, TX, USA)

P008Prevalence of dyslipidaemia and characteristics of the lipid profile in patients with HIV infection on highly active antiretroviral therapy in a public Mexican general hospital
Ibarra Cobas, L*; González Flores, B; Flores Padilla, M (Saltillo, Mexico)

HIV and Adolescents, Children and Women

P009Pharmacokinetics, safety, and efficacy of bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (B/F/TAF) single-tablet regimen in HIV-1-infected children (6 to <12 years)
Cotton, M; Liberty, A; Rodriguez, C; Chokephaibulkit, K; Hellstrom, E; Natukunda, E; Wong, P; Majeed, S; Graham, H; Chirino, R*; Silva, F; Pikora, C (Mexico City, Mexico)

P010Community cohort care: a differentiated model of HIV care for pregnant adolescent girls in Haiti
Bell, T*; Rivera, V; Riche, R; Cadot, Y; Bonhomme, J; Macius, Y; Deschamps, M; Pape, J; McNairy, M; (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

P011The HIV continuum of care among recently diagnosed adolescents in two large clinics in
Mexico City
Del Hoyo-Alvarado, M*; Hernández-Leyva, M; Piñeirúa-Menéndez, A; Badial-Hernández, F; Leyva-Flores, R; Niño-Vázquez, R; González-Rodríguez, A (Mexico City, Mexico)

P012Barriers to access HIV-healthcare services for women living with HIV in Mexico
Ramírez Rodríguez, I*; López Coria, I; Belaunzarán-Zamudio, P; Lombardini Vega, N; Mejía-Castrejón, J; Piñeirúa Menéndez, A; Amuchástegui, A; on behalf of Women Companions in HIV, Yantzin (Mexico City, Mexico)

P013Effectiveness of a protocol for reduction of HIV vertical transmission in Colombia
Romero, K*; Paez, K; Paez Ardila, H; Sussman, O (Bogotá, Colombia)

P014Experiences and narratives of HIV women victims of intimate partner violence
Arevalo, L* (Bogotá, Colombia)

HIV and Hepatitis Co-Infection, and Tuberculosis

P015Safety and efficacy of dolutegravir-based ART in TB/HIV coinfected adults at week 48
Sued, O*; Dooley, K; Kaplan, R; Mwelase, N; Grinsztejn, B; Ticona, E; Lacerda, M; Belonosova, E; Ait-Khaled, M; Angelis, K; Brown, D; Singh, R; Talarico, C; Tenorio, A; Keegan, M; Aboud, M (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P016Phylogenetic distribution of hepatitis B genotypes in individuals coinfected with HIV in Mesoamerica
Pérez-García, M; García-Morales, C; Tapia-Trejo, D; Martínez-Mandiche, J; Pascale, J; Avila-Rios, S; Reyes-Terán, G; Martínez, A(Panama City, Panama)

P017Direct-acting antivirals in HIV/HCV-coinfected patients from an ambulatory care centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina: real-life efficacy and safety
Laurido, M*; Cassetti, I; Rodriguez Iantorno, P (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P018Hepatitis B and C co-infections in HIV infected patients in northern Mexico
Pérez-Alba, E*; Lozano-Montemayor, M; Díaz-Chuc, E; Cázares-Tamez, R; Ramos-Jiménez, J (Monterrey, Mexico)

P019HIV and tuberculosis in incarcerated patients in Mexico City during the 5 years, 2013-2018
Vargas González, H*; Gudiño Solorio, H; Zghaib Rivero, M; Molina Martínez, D; Banderas Lares, D (Mexico City, Mexico)

P020Elbasvir/grazoprevir: real-life experience in hepatitis C-HIV coinfected patients in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rodriguez Iantorno, P; Ferreiro, M; Amor, E; Paz, S; Gordovil, M; Porteiro, N*; Brodersen, C; Gonzalez Ballerga, E (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

HIV and Vulnerable Populations

P024Cascade of HIV care in prisons in Mexico City and mortality rates during the 5 years, 2014-2018
Vargas González, H*; Gudiño Solorio, H; Zghaib Rivero, M; Molina Martínez, D; Banderas Lares, D (Mexico City, Mexico)

P025Peer support for people with recently diagnosed HIV-infection improves adherence in the first year after the diagnosis
Bottaro, E*; Faraone, L; Soncini, A; Pasarón, M; Roussilian, N; Cascasi, M; Otreras, A; De Bernardi, M; Rodríguez, S; Errea, S; D’Alessandro, D; Rodriguez Brieschke, M; Caccavo, J; Lauge, B; Scapellato, P (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P026Pregnant migrant patients in Chile´s largest HIV care centre: changes derived from country’s migration patterns
Rodríguez, M*; Lizana, D; Mercado, M; Wolff, M; Cortes, C (Santiago, Chile)

P027Syphilis prevalence among men who have sex with men attending community-based HIV testing clinic in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico (2016-2018)
Martinez Vizcaino, G*; Belaunzarán Zamudio, P; Galicia Juarez, V (Guadalajara, Mexico)

P028Characterisation of the migrant population with HIV infection in a public hospital
Medina Collado, C*; Mejia Cordero, F (Lima, Peru)

P030Characteristics of hormone use by travestis and transgender women of the Brazilian Federal District: a respondent-driven sampling study
Krüger, A*; Sperandei, S; Diáz Bermúdez, X; Merchán-Hamann, E; de Araújo, N; Casimiro da Silva, G; Schwartz Benzaken, A; Fernando Mendes Pereira, G (Brasília, Brazil)

P033Limitations of traditional risk functions to predict cardiovascular risk among transgender population with HIV in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ballivian, J*; Gago, J; Costa, D; Davolos, I; Benchetrit, A; Ivalo, S; Viloria, G; Losso, M (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P034HIV-2 antibody characterisation among transwomen populations living with HIV in the Dominican Republic
Reynoso Vanderhorst, E; Ibarra, R; Tapia, L; Paulino-Ramirez, R* (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

P035Study of HIV cases registered among prisoners in South Santa Fe, Argentina
Biasutti, F*; Rossi, E; Moro, A; Huanca, R; Lodigiani, M; Crochet, E; Careno, E (Santa Fe, Argentina)

P036A positive prevention programme for HIV-positive gay men in Colombia: pilot study evaluation
Alvarado, B; Martínez-Cajas, J; Mueses-Marín, H*; Montaño, D; Correa, D; Adam, B; Hart, T (Cali, Colombia)

P037A pilot study of a prevention programme for Latino gay men in Canada: results in terms of effectiveness
Alvarado, B; Adam, B; Hart, T; Martinez Cajas, J* (Kingston, Canada)

P038ISTeja Prevenido: prevention actions developed by college student
Martinez, A*; Horvath, J; Cruz, A; Martins, C; Mattei, G; Vedana, V; Lombardo, Y; Mucelini, F; Borges, Y; Alves, M; Cavalheiro, R; Minosso, K; Conterno, J; Amaral, B (Cascavel, Brazil)

Models of Care/Scale Up of Treatment

P039Trends in CD4 cell count at diagnosis of HIV and initiation of ART in Haiti (2004-2016)
Dua, A; Bousleiman, S*; Marcelin, A; Rivera, V; Koenig, S; Cremieux, P; Deschamps, M; Pape, J (Boston, MA, USA)

P040An individualised communication strategy to enhance retention and ART uptake in naïve individuals: a randomised controlled trial
Bullo, M*; Michaan, M; Fuentes, M; Losso, V; Pastore, L; Losso, M (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P042Monitoring treatment gap of HIV in Brazil: a national public system to surveillance healthcare for PLHIV
Vianna Brizolara, R; Adamy, P; Kolling, A*; Sposito Tresse, A; de Barros Perini, F; Fernando Mendes Pereira, G (Brasília, Brazil)

P043Why do HIV-infected patients miss scheduled appointments?
Sandoval, M*; Kundro, M; Losso, M (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P044Modest progress in early linkage to care in Latin American HIV-care centres from the HIV Latin American Workshop Group (2013-2017)
Belaunzarán-Zamudio, P*; Zitko, P; Araúz Rodríguez, A; Celi, A; Chaverri, J; Gallo, C; González, E; Greco, M; Hojman, M; Larreategui, D; Lasso, M; Maquera Afaray, J; Loza, G; Lucchetti, A; Morales, M; Valderrama, S; Beltrán, C; Taller Latinoamericano de VIH (Mexico City, Mexico)

P045HIV rapid test plus linkage to care programme in Argentina: experience from a NGO
Haag, N; Laurido, M; Pedrola, M* (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P046Regulation and health market effects in the delivery of HIV health services in Colombia
Arevalo, L*; Garavito, L; Alvarez, C; Perez, A; (Bogotá, Colombia)

P047Effectiveness in follow-up and recapture interventions in patients who leave an HIV programme care in Bogotá (Colombia) between 2015-2017
Arevalo, L*; Oviedo, C; Villabona, N; Pulido, R; Macias, M; Avila, C; Mantilla, M (Bogotá, Colombia)

P048Impact of supervised antiretroviral therapy in patients with HIV who have no adherence to therapy and are with detectable viral load
Coral, L*; Paez Ardila, H; Hernandez, C; Fonseca, N; Barrientos, F; Romero, K; Mujica, E; Sussman, O (Bogotá, Colombia)

P050A comparison of baseline conditions and time to initiation of ART between 2005, 2011 and 2016 at an HIV treatment centre in Lima, Peru
Hidalgo, J*; Ayarza, R (Lima, Peru)

P051Late HIV presentation in a Venezuelan hospital
Morales, M; Niño, M*; Moy, F; Ochoa, V; Benitez, M; Gil, Y; Perez, O (Caracas, Venezuela)

Opportunistic Infections

P053Disseminated histoplasmosis in a population with AIDS in Pereira, Colombia
Hoyos Pulgarín, J*; Sierra Palacio, J; Jaramillo Torres, A; Alzate Piedrahita, J; Ordoñez, K (Pereira, Colombia)

P054Study of tuberculosis cases registered among prisoners in South Santa Fe, Argentina
Biasutti, F*; Rossi, E; Moro, A; Huanca, R; Lodigiani, M; Crochet, E; Careno, E (Santa Fe, Argentina)

Treatment Prevention, Strategies and Outcomes

P055DTG vs LPV/r (DAWNING): efficacy by baseline NRTI resistance and second-line NRTI use
Brown, D*; Wang, R; Underwood, M; Hopking, J; Nascimento, M; Aboud, M; Sievers, J (Abbotsford, Australia)

P056Initial viral load decline and response rates by baseline viral load strata with dolutegravir plus lamivudine versus dolutegravir plus tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine: pooled results from the GEMINI studies
Cahn, P*; Eron, J; Hung, C; Baril, J; Slim, J; Falcó, V; Bogner, J; Maggiolo, F; Mills, A; Sievers, J; Man, C; Currie, A; Underwood, M; Tenorio, A; Pappa, K; Wynne, B; Koteff, J; Gartland, M; Smith, K; Aboud, M (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P057Clinical and virological outcomes among patients entering into care according to baseline pretreatment NNRTI drug resistance and treatment experience in a nationwide representative survey in Mexico
Caro-Vega, Y*; Alarid-Escudero, F; Enns, E; Sosa-Rubí, S; Chivardi, C; Rebolledo, C; García-Morales, C; Reyes-Terán, G; Sierra-Madero, J; Avila-Rios, S (Mexico City, Mexico)

P058Outcomes with continuation of tenofovir-lamivudine versus switching to zidovudine-lamivudine in second-line antiretroviral therapy in Haiti
Pierre, S*; Bocharova, I; Nguyen, C; Cremieux, P; Koenig, S; Pape, J (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

P059Access to PrEP for MSM: opportunities and challenges, Brazil, 2018
Calixto, D; Pascom, A*; Pereira, I; Araújo, N; Silva, G; Schwartz Benzaken, A; Fernando Mendes Pereira, G (Brasília, Brazil)

P060Durable suppression and low rate of virologic failures 3 years after switch to DTG+RPV 2-drug regimen: SWORD 1 & 2 studies
Aboud, M*; van Wyk, J; Orkin, C; Rubio, R; Bogner, J; Baker, D; Khuong-Josses, M; Parks, D; Angelis, K; Kahl, L; Matthews, J; Underwood, M; Wynne, B; Nascimento, M; Vandermeulen, K; Gartland, M; Smith, K (Brentford, UK)

P061Efficacy of dolutegravir (DTG) plus lamivudine (3TC) versus DTG plus tenofovir/emtricitabine (TDF/FTC) in antiretroviral treatment-naïve adults with HIV-1 infection: 48-week subgroup results from the GEMINI studies in Latin American participants
Porteiro, N*; Andrade-Villanueva, J; Cahn, P; Madero, J; Man, C; Sievers, J; Urbaityte, R; Brown, D; Prudente I; Aboud, M (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P062Long-term B/F/TAF switch efficacy in patients with archived pre-existing resistance
Andreatta, K; Willkom, M; Martin, R; Chang, S; Liu, H; Liu, Y; Graham, H; Martin, H; Falistocco, C; Mora, M*; White, K (São Paulo, Brazil)

P063Brazilian challenge: reduction of the time between first CD4+ and early antiretroviral therapy (ART)
Kolling, A*; Camelo Madeira de Moura, M; Vianna Brizolara, R; Sposito Tresse, A; de Barros Perini, F; Pati Pascom, A; Fernando Mendes Pereira, G (Brasília, Brazil)

P064Renal safety of TAF versus TDF in a pooled analysis of 26 phase 2/3 clinical trials
Gupta, S; Post, F; Arribas, J; Podzamczer, D; Clarke, A; Negredo, E; Guo, S; Zhong, L; Carter, C; Martin, H; SenGupta, D; Campo, R*; Das, M (Miami, FL, USA)

P065A phase 3b, open-label, pilot study to evaluate switching to elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/ tenofovir alafenamide (E/C/F/TAF) in virologically suppressed HIV-1 infected adult subjects harbouring the NRTI resistance mutation M184V and/or M184I (GS-US-292-1824)
Perez-Valero, I; Llibre, J; Lazzarin, A; Molina, J; Margot, N; Piontkowsky, D; Das, M; Espinoza, L*; Haubrich, R (Miami, FL, USA)

P066A phase 3, randomised, controlled clinical trial of bictegravir in a fixed-dose combination, B/F/TAF, vs ABC/DTG/3TC in treatment-naïve adults at Week 96
Wohl, D; Yazdanpanah, Y; Baumgarten, A; Clarke, A; Hagins, D; Ramgopal, M; White, K; Collins, S; Chirino, R; Silva, F*; Martin, H (Mexico City, Mexico)

P067HPV-related malignancies screening to strengthen persistence in pre-exposure prophylaxis among MSM and transgender women in the Dominican Republic
Paulino-Ramirez, R*; Tapia, L; Sanchez, E; Benitez, A; Mariño, A (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

P068First-line INSTI use in Latin America: increasing, but still not enough. Observed trends for 2013-2017 from the HIV Latin American Workshop Group
Hojman, M*; Calanni, L; Zitko, P; Sabato, S; Cuini, R; Parenti, P; Miglioranza, C; Teran, R; Contarelli, J; Beltran, C (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P070Feasibility of the implementation of a hepatitis B vaccination programme in men who have sex with men and transgender women in Lima, Peru
Montalban Sandoval, E*; Lama Valdivia, J (Lima, Peru)

P071Experience with dolutegravir in real-life in an HIV centre in Bogotá, Colombia
Paez Ardila, H*; Cerezo, A; Barrientos, F; Sussman, O (Bogotá, Colombia)

P072Experience, attitudes and knowledge regarding dual antiretroviral regimens among American HIV providers
Gonzales Zamora, J; Henry, Z*; Alcaide, M (Miami, FL, USA)

P073Six years’ experience in the use of raltegravir as part of regimens for treatment of HIV-infected patients in a Peruvian reference hospital of the social security
Contreras Calero, E; Mendo Urbina, F; Pichardo Rodriguez, R; Saavedra Velasco, M* (Lima, Peru)

Viral Hepatitis

P074Detection of antibodies anti-ARFp as biomarker of liver fibrosis progression in patients with chronic HCV
Lima de Souza, S*; Liebscher Vid, L; de Mello Perez, R; de Araujo Neto, J; Moraes Coelho, H; Alves Soares, M; Felipe Santos, A (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

P075A sub-analysis of Puerto Rican hepatitis C infected patients enrolled in phase 2 & 3 glecaprevir-pibrentasvir clinical programme
Sepulveda-Arzola, G; Rosado-Carrion, B; Lovell, S; Bugarin, G; Aponte, F; Crown, E; Rodriguez-Perez, F* (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

P076Case-control study to identify risk features associated to anti-HCV serology reagent in prisoners in the state of Paraná, Brazil
Marques, T; Ferreto de Almeida, L*; Follador, F; Vieira, A; Yamada, R; Lucio, L; Titon, J; Torres, R; Amaral, G; Coelho, H (Francisco Beltrão, Brazil)

Virology and Immunology

P078Evidence of partial seroreversion after early initiation of antiretroviral treatment in an acute HIV infection cohort from Argentina
Turk, G; Pereyra, V; Piccardo, C; Figueroa, M; Gun, A; Cahn, P; Salomon, H; Sued, O* (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

P082Pharmacological resistance profile and the most frequent mutations in IGSS patients
Rios, G; Godínez, L*; López, R (Guatemala City, Guatemala)