2018 Abstracts and Posters

All accepted abstracts for HIV & Hepatitis in the Americas 2018 have been published on-line as a supplement to the Journal of the International AIDS Society (JIAS). To access the supplement and view the abstracts please click here

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Comorbidities and Complications of Disease and/or Treatment

P001 Dynamics of CD4 lymphocytes in patients infected by HIV with non-Hodgkin lymphoma Alatorre Fernández, P*; Volkow, P

P002 Renal function in perinatally HIV-1-infected patients Al Hammoud, R*; Perez, N; Rodriguez, G; Benjamins, L; Del Bianco, G; Murphy, J; Heresi, G

P003 Frequency and distribution of cardiometabolic comorbidities in clinically stable HIV patients on long-term ARV therapy in Lima-Callao, Peru Hidalgo, J*; Florez, A; Agurto, C; Pinedo, Y; Ayarza, R; Rodriguez, L; La Rosa, A; Gutierrez, R

P004 Renal insufficiency in HIV/AIDS patients: 5-year experience in an intensive care unit Chediack, V; Ricart, J*; Sanchez Cunto, M; Dominguez, C; Mammoliti, G; Yesica, L; Nano, M; Gonzalez, L; Fernandez, J; Cunto, E; Nogueras, C

P005 AIDS-related pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia in an intensive care unit: a descriptive study Ricart, J*; Sanchez Cunto, M; Chediack, V; Dominguez, C; Gregori Sabelli, R; Cortez, E; Fernandez, J; Velasquez Lopez, P; Caceres, S; Cunto, E

P006 Latin American prospective cohort of adult HIV-positive patients (LATINA): factors associated with presenting symptoms at diagnosis Rodriguez Loria, G*; Mosqueda, L; Andrade Villanueva, J; Losso, M; Viloria, G; Hercilla, L; Mantilla Suárez, M; Lopardo, G; Michaan, M; Sanchez, M; Belloso, W

P007 Latin American prospective cohort of adult HIV-positive patients (LATINA): 2017 baseline characteristics update Rodriguez Loria, G*; Mosqueda, L; Andrade Villanueva, J; Losso, M; Viloria, G; Hercilla, L; Mantilla Suárez, M; Lopardo, G; Michaan, M; Sanchez, M; Belloso, W

P008 Comorbidities in a sample of HIV-positive adults in Colombia. Sub-analysis of patients younger than 50 years Martínez, P; Ruiz, J; Beltran, C; Rojas, M; Leon, S*; Lenis, W

P009 Problems related to medication and clinical characteristics in patients older than 50 years with HIV/AIDS newly diagnosis Hoyos Pulgarin, J*; Ramirez Briñez, F; Restrepo, C; Quiceno, A; Alzate, J

P010 Cardiovascular risk in elderly patients with HIV. Comparison of Framingham versus D:A:D cardiovascular risk calculators López Hernandez, M*

HIV/Hepatitis Co-infection

P011 Real-world effectiveness of ledipasvir/sofosbuvir (LDV/SOF) for 8 weeks in patients co-infected with HCV and HIV-1 Buggisch, P; Moreno, A; Isakov, V; Backus, L; Ain, D; Gonzalez-Garcia, J; Naik, S; Mehta, S; Lee, J; Mertens, M; Llewellyn, J; Natha, M; Kersey, K; Osinusi, A; Slim, J; Zhdanov, K; Berenguer, J; Zeuzem, S; Mendez-Navarro, J*

P012 HCV treatment in HIV/HCV co-infection in Brazil, 2016–2017 Monzani Vivaldini, S*; Santos, M; Carlos Almeida, E; Alvarenga Pinto, F; Neri Gomes, J; Fernandes, N; Argia Basile Cattapan, E; Jacintho Mendes Correa, M; Moreira Rick, F; Mendes Pereira, G; Tonini, K; Oliveira Bernard, A; Schwartz Benzaken, A

P013 Investigation of the increasing number of hepatitis A cases among men in the biggest city in Latin America in 2017 Jorge de Queiroz, M; Alvarenga Pinto, F*; Abrahão Ribeiro, R; Monzani Vivaldini, S; de Almeida Coelho, R; Mendes Pereira, G

P015 HBV monoinfection and HIV/HBV co-infection in Brazil: what are the differences? Alvarenga Pinto, F*; Alves de Souza, F; Santos, M; Monzani Vivaldini, S; Jorge de Queiroz, M; Almeida, E; Mendes Pereira, G

P016 Monitoring hepatitis B and C infections among HIV patients: a proposed model for a cascade of care in viral hepatitis in the Dominican Republic Tapia, L; Peña, P; Matos, Y; Valerio, K; Muñoz, M; Ledesma, J; Jimenez, M; Paulino-Ramirez, R*

HIV and Tuberculosis

P019 Severe HIV-associated pulmonary tuberculosis, 2006–2016 Ricart, J*; Sanchez Cunto, M; Gregori Sabelli, R; Dominguez, C; Saul, P; Chomyn, J; Nano, M; Chacon, N; Chediack, V; Cunto, E

HIV and Women, Including MTCT

P022 Prevalence of comorbid conditions in a cohort of women living with HIV in Argentina Mauas, R*; Laurido, M; Cabral, L; Cacciari, V; Cassetti, I

P023 Factors associated with virological failure in women with HIV Cabrera, T*; Ramos, U; Nava, C; Almaraz, A; Badial Hernández, F; Langarica, E; Gonzalez, A

HIV and Vulnerable Populations

P024 Overview of healthcare linkage, retention and adherence in young people living with HIV in Brazil Kolling, A*; Camelo Madeira de Moura, M; da Silva Netto, J; Vianna Brizolara, R; Pati Pascom, A; de Barros Perini, F; Schwartz Benzaken, A

P025 Retention in care trends and viral suppression in newly admitted HIV patients in a tertiary centre in Mexico City Barlandas, E; Caro-Vega, Y; Belaunzarán-Zamudio, P; Guerrero-Torres, L; Sierra-Madero, J; Crabtree-Ramírez, B*

P027 Advanced presentation among HIV/AIDS patients despite universal access to antiretroviral therapy in northern Mexico Gonzalez-Fernandez, E*; Medina-Piñon, I; Ramos-Jimenez, J

P028 Live Better Knowing: Brazilian experience with combination prevention through outreach actions in partnership with NGOs Agostinho Calixto, D*; Nelcina Pasini, E; Bernardes Sousa, C; Giugliani, S; Schwartz Benzaken, A

P029 Cardiovascular risk assessment in transgender women in a HIV/STI clinic in a public hospital in Argentina Ballivian, J*; Toibaro, J; Viloria, G; Ivalo, S; Losso, M

P032 Hack Health Project: new strategies to expand knowledge on combination prevention among Brazilian youngsters Callisto, D*; de Sousa, C

P033 Co-occurring psychosocial problems in transgender women living with HIV enrolled in a clinical trial in Argentina Aristegui, I; Radusky, P; Zalazar, V; Frola, C; Cardozo, N; Gun, A; Fojo, E; Romero, M; Cahn, P; Sued, O*

Models of Care/Scale-Up of Treatment

P035 The continuum of care among very immunosuppressed (less than 100 CD4+ cells) patients in an outpatient clinic in Mexico City: gaps in diagnosis, linkage and retention in care Piñeirúa-Menendez, A*; Del Hoyo, M; Osorno González de León, F; Badial Hernández, F; Niño-Vargas, R

P036 Prolonged hospital stay and associated factors in patients receiving care in a HIV/AIDS clinic in Mexico City Lara-Medrano, R*; Camiro-Zúñiga, A; Caro-Vega, Y; Crabtree-Ramírez, B; Sierra-Madero, J; Belaunzarán-Zamudio, P

P038 HIV clinical monitoring in the southern region of Brazil Mendes Pereira, G; Abrahão Ribeiro, R*; Alvarenga Pinto, F

P039 Advances in the management model for the provision of HIV genotyping services in Brazil Kohiyama, I*; Alonso, J; Pinho, R; Villares, M; Pires, A

P040 Reduction of errors during the pre-analytical process for the collection of HIV samples in Mexican centres: a pilot study of a new software strategy implementation Rodriguez-Diaz, R*; Ramos-Hinojosa, A; Orta-Resendiz, A; Angulo-Medina, L; Gomez-Cuellar, J; Sierra-Madero, J; Soto-Ramirez, L

P041 The ‘no-show’ patients in HIV clinical care Sandoval, M*; Kundro, M; Losso, M

P042 Contribution of SISCEL/SICLOM systems for PLHA monitoring: CTA/environmental dermatology experience/SES/RS in Brazil Machado Alves, D*; Both, N; Torres de Carvalho, F; Alnoch, E; Castoldi, L; Canterle, G

Non-AIDS Morbidities and Mortality, and Ageing

P045 Evaluation of cardiovascular risk factors in HIV patients in a public hospital Martini, S*; Falak, A; Aguilar, A; Sued, O; Cahn, P; Perez, H

P046 In which geographic areas should actions be targeted to reduce HIV/AIDS mortality in Mexico? An analysis of this magnitude, distribution and trends by Jurisdicción Sanitaria, 1990–2015 Bravo-García, E; Magis-Rodríguez, C*; Palacios-Martínez, M; Guarneros-Soto, N

Treatment Strategies and Outcomes

P050 Monitoring HIV care in Brazil: a national strategy to reduce the HIV treatment gap Vianna Brizolara, R*; Kolling, A; da Silva Netto, J; Camelo Madeira de Moura, M; de Barros Perini, F; Schwartz Benzaken, A

P051 Time of initiation of treatment of people living with HIV Uesono, J*; Eri Shimizu, H; Diáz Bermudez, X; Merchan-Hamann, E; Moreira Rick, F; Pati Pas, A

P052 Salvage antiretroviral therapy for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in patients failing a first-line regimen: experience from a national peer advisory committee for physicians in Mexican HIV clinics Sánchez-Domínguez, J*; Ramírez-Hinojosa, J; Figueroa-Morales, A; Rivera-Villegas, H; Larrea-Schiavon, S; Calva, J; and the CORESAR Study Group

P053 Real-life use of raltegravir: experience from Hospital Guillermo Almenara, Lima, Peru Malpartida, O; Pérez-Lazo, G; Collins, J*; and the Almenara Hospital AIDS Working Group Medicina Interna 1-Infectología

Viral Hepatitis

P059 Analysis of risk factors associated with hepatitis B infection in Paraná correctional institutions in Brazil Ferreto, L*; Follador, F; Vieira, A; Bento Casaril, K; Coelho, H; Torres, R; Frois, J; Amaral, G; Yamada, R

P060 Anti-HCV seroprevalence and risk factors of HCV infection in penitentiaries in Paraná, Brazil Ferreto, L*; Follador, F; Vieira, A; Coelho, H; Yamada, R; Torres, R; Frois, J; Amaral, G

P062 Hepatitis B: detection rates and vaccination coverage in Brazil in 2016 Alvarenga Pinto, F*; Santos, M; de Almeida Coelho, R; Monzani Vivaldini, S; Mendes Pereira, G; Schwartz Benzaken, A

Virology and Immunology

P065 Plasma cytokines levels in patients with disseminated Kaposi sarcoma with syphilis and infectious AIDS-defining events Volkow, P; Ramon-Luing, L; Chávez-Galán, L; Cornejo-Juárez, P; Vilar-Compte, D; Ocaña-Guzmán, R; Islas-Muñoz, B*

P066 Co-receptor tropism determined by genotypic assay in HIV-1 non-B subtypes circulating in Cuba. Implications for pathogenesis and maraviroc resistance Kourí, V*; Pérez, L; Martínez, Y; Aleman, Y; Diaz, D; Han, R; Pintos, Y; Mendez, M; Soto, Y; Baños, Y; Caturla, Y; Fonseca, C; Pérez, J; Hengge, U

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